The Adventures of Jeffreak

The Adventures of Jeffreak

What is «The Adventures of Jeffreak»?

The Adventures of Tontoñito is the book that I will publish shortly. Yes I know! It’s hard to believe that an 11-year-old boy wants to publish a book, because all kids of my age what they do is play video games all day (which I do too 🤣)

Jeffreak’s Origin

It was all one night in my father’s room. I was extremely bored. I took several pages and folded them in half, thus making the shape of a book. Suddenly, a title came to mind «El Doctor Toñito» (The Dr. Toñito). I only made a page that showed the main idea, because I already had to go to sleep.

The book was about a boy named Toñito who wanted to be a scientist when he grew up and his parents didn’t want him to, because they preferred him to be a rich, famous, and incredible lawyer, which Toñito obviously didn’t want. And that was all for the concept!

Several weeks later, I decided to change the subject of writing at school, because the only thing I was doing was an adventure in the Minecraft video game. I asked my mother for help and told her that I wanted to write about Toñito.

My mother told me okay, but we should change the name. And so we were arguing for a long time, until once I got stuck and instead of saying Toñito, I said Tontoñito (Jeffreak). We both liked the name and that’s how what could be the best project of my entire life began (which it is)

We already have an illustrator! The illustrator is Ricardo (@almondroguez) and he has already made several concepts of art. In addition, on Monday 3/16/2020 he «streamed» on Facebook drawing sketches of the book.

Quick Update

The Verkami project has not reached the goal. But nothing happens! The project, as I said, will continue although we have not reached the goal.

Today’s book is finished. Only a couple of details are missing to be able to publish it.

English Version

The English version is finished. We had to choose from a lot of ideas that we had for the name. Some of the names we have come up with have been «Ediot» or «Sillybilly», but finally, the unmatched… JEFFREAK!

Cristina has been in charge of this version and I have found it incredible to see how she has been working hard to translate the jokes into her language, since she had to invent a new joke that would fit the situation.

Special Thanks

Whatever happens with this project, my illusion is already tremendous and the joys that this entire journey has given me will remain forever. I would like to thank everyone who has encouraged and helped:

  • To those who launched and supported this beautiful adventure:
    • Todos y cada uno de los profes del Colegio Clara Campoamor de Alpedrete que me han animado y cómo no, a la “teacher” Bea e Isabel con quienes nació Tontoñito y a Eva y Marian con quién se ha hecho mayor Tontoñito y yo también.
    • A mis compañeros del cole, que me han animado con sus ideas y carcajadas y que ahora, es de lo que más echo de menos en este encierro necesario.
  • To those who launched and supported this beautiful adventure:
    • Each and every one of the teachers of the Clara Campoamor of Alpedrete School who have encouraged me, and of course the “teacher” Bea and Isabel with whom Jeffreak was born and Eva and Marian with whom Tontoñito and I have grown older.
    • To my classmates, who have encouraged me with their ideas and laughter and now, is what I miss the most in this necessary confinement.
    • To all my family, for they encouragement, love and support
    • To each and every one of you who collaborate in this project in one way or another, so that hundreds of books can reach children.

And that’s all… for now!

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